Amazonian- a collection by Michael Rackett


Michael Newcomer

Michael Rackett has entered the British Hairdressing Awards this year! He made it through to the grand final and everyone at RUSH couldn’t be prouder, especially as RUSH have been nominated in three other categories. We sat down and had a chat with Michael to find out more about his collection!

How did you end up entering the British Hairdressing Awards?

I ended up entering the British Hairdressing Awards after winning the RUSH Photographic in-house competition. I felt like it would be the ‘next step’ in my career.

What was your inspiration for your collection?

Taking part in the BHA awards is so exciting, I wanted to make my collection interesting and different. My RUSH Newcomer collection was based on the Amazonian’s ‘mythical warrior’.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter?

The greatest piece of advice thatI can pass on is to make sure you prepare like crazy. You should always have a ‘plan B’ and if on the day everything is not going to plan, then be open to adjusting it slightly.  Go with your gut feelings at all times, stay humble and go with your imagination.

What would it mean to win in your category?

I have been working with RUSH since the age of 17 years old. It would be an honour to win. If I won I would be able to thank Andy, Stell and the Art Team with their help they have given me over the years, and most importantly, for always believing in me.

Michael Newcomer

Michael will know if he has won his category on the 28th November so make sure to keep up to date with our social channels linked below!

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